When is Valorant's next night market 2022?

When is Valorant's next night market 2022?

Valorant is currently one of the most popular competitive shooters with a daily count of millions of players. With Valorant's ever-growing player base, more and more players are looking to purchase weapon skins for the title to enhance their gaming experience. While these skins don't necessarily give you an advantage in combat, they can enhance your skin visuals and often come with unique effects.

One of the best ways to get skins in Valorant is through the Night Market. The Night Market allows players to purchase various Valorant skins at a discounted price, which is usually much cheaper than the skins' original prices.

However, the Night Market in Valorant is not available throughout the year. Riot only introduces it at specific times and it usually goes away within two weeks. If you're looking to find out more about the upcoming night market in Valorant, read on to find out.

Next Night Market in Valorant

Riot Games does not usually reveal the exact date of the Night Market before its arrival. However, since the last Night Market was introduced to the title on December 21, 2021, fans can expect Valorant's next Night Market to happen sometime in February 2022.

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