VALORANT error codes 43, 46 explained

Two types of problems that are similar but have different solutions.

VALORANT error codes 43, 46 explained
image via Riot Games

As with many other live service titles, players can easily encounter a number of bugs that will affect their experience when logging in or playing VALORANT.

The FPS has its own page on the Riot Games support website due to the large number of potential errors that could arise and two of the error codes listed are numbered 43 and 46. And because the codes are numbered so closely, the general type of problem is similar between the two.

Error code 43 specifically deals with the VALORANT client timeout for one reason or another, either when logging in or while logged in. After the error occurs, the simplest solution is to restart the Riot client and try again, it should solve the problem.

If the error persists, you may be dealing with error code 46, which not only addresses log in issues but general platform downtime as well.

If you encounter error code 46, it means that the entire VALORANT client is experiencing some kind of downtime. This error should only appear after Riot has planned and allocated downtime to allow engineers to work on the game's systems.

You may still be able to fix this if the downtime is unintentional or brief by restarting the Riot client and turning it back on. The other possibility is that you just have to wait.

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