SuburbanColors Introduces Cyberpunk Dystopia, NFTs and P2E Gaming

SuburbanColors Introduces Cyberpunk Dystopia, NFTs and P2E Gaming

Anyone looking to add a little more cyberpunk dystopia to their life needs to look no further, SuburbanColors is here to fill the gap. 2,199 generative cyborgs have hit the blockchain to balance the future of planet earth.

In the distant year 2199, the world has become a bit apocalyptic. Humans had previously underestimated their AI creations, which then rose up to hunt down their pathetic prey. The remains of these ancient surface dwellers have been buried and forced to submerge. However, as they learned to use technology to their advantage, they began to improve their bodies through cybernetics and began to resist cyborgs against their robot overlords. Slowly, the tide began to turn.

Now three different species inhabit this futuristic dystopia, humans, robots, and cyborgs. In the world of SuburbanColors, they are represented by NFT of exceptional quality. The first species, the cyborgs, have landed, rendered in all their elegant 2D animated glory.

SuburbanColors Introduces Cyberpunk Dystopia, NFTs and P2E Gaming

The Initial Drop

The first 2,199 NFTs have already hit the blockchain and are now available for embossing on the SuburbanColors website. Fans can purchase one for 0.03 ETH each, with a maximum of 3 units per wallet. Each unique and carefully designed NFT represents a character generated from 150 preprogrammed properties.

In addition, the responsible team offers incredible additional incentives to move the project forward, such as paying commissions for marketing the project as part of their "affiliate program."

The roadmap

A number of additional benefits will be available as the SuburbanColors ecosystem evolves. The first is the creation of a hidden network, an exclusive place for community members to hang out. Additionally, anyone who owns two NFTs from the collection can get a 3D render file of the character so owners can print a 3D copy of their prized asset. Owners of three or more characters also have the option of claiming a handcrafted NFT artwork.

Additionally, there will be a series of great giveaways where owners will have a chance to win ETH and NFT prizes. After the entire collection is sold, SuburbanColors will begin to implement a liquidity pool and stake mechanics on the platform. However, the main attraction of the collection will be game development.

SuburbanColors Introduces Cyberpunk Dystopia, NFTs and P2E Gaming

The game and the team

Once the collection is fully operational, SuburbanColors will begin developing its game, where players can compete against each other and earn crypto rewards. As a result, NFT owners will be able to redeem their digital resources against in-game characters and then fight in a multiplayer, PVP and PVE arena.

Players must navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland using the resources they find along the way. Then let your mind get caught up in a fast-paced strategic conflict that could determine the future of the world for itself.

The makers represent a solid group of avid gamers, programmers and fantasy lovers. With full transparency, including links to their official bios and a strong presence in the NFT community.


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