Here are the All VALORANT 4.0 patch notes

Have fun with weapon and map updates.
Here are the All VALORANT 4.0 patch notes
image via Riot Games

Riot Games released the VALORANT 4.0 Patch Notes today, which will give players an early look at the map, weapon, and melee changes taking place on January 11. Fans can also look forward to getting their hands on Neon, the newest duelist to VALORANT.

The most significant update in VALORANT patch 4.0 is Neon, the new electrical agent that can easily outmaneuver opponents. Neon is a duelist with an impressive skill set that is perfect for players who want to start battles and move quickly around the map.

Neon's Fast Lane ability allows him to place two power lines on the ground, creating a lane for his team to cover. Enemies can shoot through walls but take damage if they go through them.

His Relay Bolt ability is a bolt of energy that he bounces off once, electrifying the ground below every point he lands on. He also delivers a heartbreaking blast in any area he encounters, making it a great way to deal with hidden enemies before venturing into a site.

Neon's high speed ability gives him a speed boost. Players can use momentum to move quickly, and pressing the alternate fire key triggers an electric slide. The slide resets every two kills and rewards players who can consistently eliminate enemies.

Neon's latest overdrive ability activates a beam that players can control, quickly taking out enemies. Lightning duration resets with each kill, and hitting a kill with it also resets glide.

Patch 4.0 also adds some interesting weapon updates. The melee attack has been significantly improved and should be a more effective way to deal with enemies in close combat. The right-click access box is now 1.5 times larger and the left-click access box is larger than the right-click access box. The left click also has a slightly higher range and targets near the center of attack are hit first, which means that players can still land accurate melee hits. Knife Walls now have immediate feedback as an additional update.

Ares, Specter, Guardian, and Bulldog also received updates. The Wraith has been weakened slightly to make it more difficult to spray enemies from a distance, and players will need to control their spray more effectively at close range. The other three weapons received minor upgrades, making them better options in the Eco or Save rounds. For a detailed list of these changes, players can refer to the official patch notes.

Bind and Breeze also received improvements with patch 4.0. The boxes in A Main on Bind have been changed to prevent players from setting off the infamous single-use smoke that wiped out attackers. A new bank also provides a new way of looking inside the site and gives attackers another option.

Breeze received several map changes to make it a better experience for both teams. The width of Main Entrance A has been increased so that defenders do not have to reach two positions at the same time. A Cave has also been expanded to include two new boxes that provide more cover for attackers when they enter the site.

The back of A-Site has also been adjusted as the pool has been extended to the wall and a new large yellow box provides more cover for defenders. This should make it easier for defenders to stay safe and make reclaiming the site less stressful. The spike can also be planted in the extended pool area. The A-side door can also be reactivated only after it has been opened or closed.

The curved wall has been adjusted in the middle, which "simplifies the space and eliminates the extra pocket," according to the 4.0 Patch Notes. Site B received several updates as the pillar in the center of the site has a new concrete block for added protection and a new wall covers the rear of the site. Boxes have also been added to Wall B to provide additional protection to defenders near their spawn location.

VALORANT's competitive playlist also received a major update with patch 4.0. Players must be at account level 20 before they can join the queue, forcing new players to find their way into Casual Mode. This prevents new players from negatively impacting your team's competitive experience and prevents Smurfs from jumping into games with new accounts.

Patch 4.0 also fixed the issue where the Signature Kill Counter was not updated visually. Esports coaches will no longer have trouble using number keys or mouse clicks to move between targets.

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