Everything we know about Neon, the new VALORANT agent

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Everything we know about Neon, the new VALORANT agent
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VALORANT agent 19 is approaching by leaps and bounds.

Neon is a duelist from the Philippines who describes himself as an agent who can "outmaneuver the rest of the [VALORANT] squad," "wow" the competition, and "slide straight into combat."

On January 6, Neon was officially revealed as the game's newest agent. A three-minute teaser video called "Spark" shows her entering VALORANT headquarters and establishing herself as a new kid on the block.

Neon's capabilities revolve around speed and electricity. She can run, slide, and jump into action quickly. But she can also develop all of her power and amaze her opponents with her electrical precision.

“Everything about her in her kit had two words that we were referring to on the design side for consistency. These were 'fast' and 'furious,' "game designer Ryan" rycou "Cousart said in a press release.

Neon’s abilities

E – High Gear

  • Instantly channel the power of neon to increase speed. Once loaded, use Alt Fire to trigger an electric slide. Slide Charge will reset after two kills.

Q – Relay Bolt

  • Immediately fires a beam of energy that bounces once. Hitting any surface, lightning electrifies the ground with a heartbreaking explosion.

C – Fast Lane

  • Shoot two lines of energy towards the ground that extend a short distance or until they hit a surface. The lines rise to form walls of static electricity that block your view and deal damage to enemies that pass them.

X – Overdrive

  • Unleash all the power and speed of neon for a short time. Fire to direct the force into a deadly bolt with high precision movement. Duration resets with each kill.

Neon’s release date

Neon is scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 11 alongside VALORANT Episode Four, Act One on live servers in North America. The agent will make her professional debut at VALORANT a month later, in time for the EMEA Challengers stage one qualifiers on February 12.

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