Axie Infinity launches a "release" mechanism to thin the herd

Axie Infinity launches a "release" mechanism to thin the herd

Play-to-earn master Axie Infinity has launched a new developer program, bringing together a set of development tools and insights to help developers in the community, supporting his belief that the future of the platform lies in community cooperation.

As part of the initiative, Axie Infinity and parent company Sky Mavis will provide a host of resources and support tools to help budding developers, resulting in a new era of community-created gaming experiences. around the Axie frame.

To help the effort, Sky Mavis has set aside 5,000 $AXS tokens ($400k). As a result, it will distribute a minimum grant of $5,000 to selected candidates, as well as provide design support, guidance, and integration from Ronin to help them on their way.

The Axie team will select candidates on a case-by-case basis, while contributing factors such as mindset, feasibility, commitment, and community involvement will play a role in the final decision. Additionally, Axie encourages builders to incorporate game-for-win mechanics into their projects. However, you must pay in $SLP or $AXS and burn 10% of the proceeds or return it to the treasury.

To support this effort, Axie has opened a new "Builders Program" channel on his Discord, while also releasing a limited number of public developer tools and resources.

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