Vi started in the league 9 years ago today

Vi started in the league 9 years ago today
Image via Riot Games

Piltover Enforcer forever changed League's impact on the world.

Today nine years ago, Riot Games released a champion that the company did not know at the time would change the way League of Legends is viewed in other media. Today, fans celebrate Vis's eventful history within the League and how his image has grown outside of the game.

Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, was released in League on December 19, 2012. He was the latest addition to the growing roster of fighter-class champions, although his team was more suited to the top lane than his role as the jungle we know today. The spotlight from her original champion even underscores Riot's original intention to play her on individual lanes, though that's due to a lack of identity in the jungle at the time.

Vis Kit has remained relatively the same since its launch. Her abilities and her effects are basically the same and she never had to be reworked, unlike champions like Ryze. Earlier this year, she received additional attention from Riot by admitting to some flaws and inconsistencies in her gear that made her survivability in the jungle questionable. However, after these fixes, Vi's gameplay and win rates increased exponentially, thanks in part to her debut in Riot's first animated series Arcane around the same time.

Vi started in the league 9 years ago today
Screengrab via Riot Games

Vi and her sister Jinx hers, two longtime League champions, formed the centerpiece of Arcane's story, depicting the battles between Piltover and Zaun. This was the first opportunity for fans to see some of her favorite champions outside of the animations Riot releases for champions and events, and the company received critical acclaim for this important move. The first season of Arcane, consisting of three acts of three episodes each, currently has a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the second season is already in production.

During Arcane's release, the champions featured on the show saw a massive increase in its use in the game around the world, and Vi, combined with her recent bug fixes, quickly became a highly competitive jungle. Piltover Enforcer's play rate rose to 8.4 percent, right behind other meta-jungle picks like Lee Sin and Xin Zhao at the time. According to the League statistics page, she currently has a 9.4 percent pick rate and is at the top of the jungle meta.

Although there is still some time to reveal information about the second season of Arcane, Vi has become one of the most popular characters in League thanks to her importance within the animated series. She and her sister Jinx helped usher in a new era of League fans, and on her ninth birthday, we see how Vi forever changed the future of the ever-expanding world and League's influence.

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