Ubisoft and Aleph.im are teaming up for NFT in AAA games

 Ubisoft and Aleph.im are teaming up for NFT in AAA games

The most important term that remained on everyone's lips in 2021 was NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). Big entertainment companies, sports leagues, iconic grocery brands, etc. They have entered the burgeoning Web 3.0 space to produce their own unique digital assets. In the gaming space, AAA publishers/developers like Square EnixSega, and Capcom have either taken their first steps into the world of NFTs or made it very clear that they are looking for ways to do so.

Ubisoft is another AAA gaming book that has made advances in the NFT medium. The French publisher/developer's biggest foray into NFT to date is the recently announced company Ubisoft Quartz. This new company offers gamers the opportunity to get their hands on "Digits", described as "Ubisoft's first NFTs (non-fungible tokens), playable in an HD game and based on energy-efficient technology". And the first AAA game to use this new concept is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which includes NFT in the form of three distinctive game elements: the M4A1 Tactical | Wolf Gun, the improved helmet from Wolf A and the improved wolf pants. With this huge effort in the Web 3.0 space, Ubisoft decided to partner with a legitimate force in the industry to help make its vision a reality.

This decision prompted the Ubisoft Quartz initiative to choose their key technology partner in the form of Aleph.im, a "decentralized cross-blockchain computing and storage network". Through this partnership, Aleph.im will provide a decentralized storage system with over 70 nodes for the NFT metadata from Ubisoft Quartz. Ownership of these digital assets is tracked through the Tezos blockchain as the ongoing history of these NFTs (i.e. not the first time Ubisoft has linked to Aleph.im; earlier this year Ubisoft added the Aleph. Added a central channel in it. Since Aleph.im is connected to the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab program in Paris, this step makes perfect sense for both companies.

Judging from recent comments from both companies on the new partnership, it is clear that Ubisoft and Aleph.im are excited about the opportunities this will bring. Didier Genevois, Technical Director of Blockchain at Ubisoft, said: “With Ubisoft Quartz we are taking the first step to use the decentralized approach of the blockchain to open up new possibilities for our players by making them real stakeholders in our I promise, We needed players who own their digit and are able to put their stamp on their favorite game. Aleph.imse was instrumental in setting up this experiment by allowing us to decentralize the storage of the metadata and video assets of digits. "

Jonathan Schemoul, founder and CEO of Aleph.im, also announced his enthusiasm for the burgeoning NFT movement: “The integration of NFT into a mainstream game is a game-changer for NFT. Dynamic NFTs have never been created before and this is the first time NFTs have evolved over time as they are used by different players in the game. Aleph.im is proud to be at the forefront of this new era in which blockchain technology and decentralized solutions for NFT in traditional games play a crucial role. "


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