Liiv SANDBOX fills the bottom lane with ice.

Liiv SANDBOX calls Ice on the grid

Liiv SANDBOX calls Ice on the grid

Eun "Ice" Sang-hun LCK Spring Split will be upgraded from SANDBOX Challengers to Liiv SANDBOX League of Legends before 2022.

The 19-year-old ADC was a member of both the Live Sandbox Academy and the Live Sandbox Challengers. Ice joined the organization in 2019 and has been on the academy roster for over two years. At the start of LCK Spring Split 2022, Ice finally gets a chance to play on the main stage.

Ice Lee will replace "Prince" Che-Huan, who left the team at the beginning of the off-season with Yu "Fate" Su-hayok and Lee "Effort" Sang-ho. After Liiv SANDBOX failed to qualify for the 2021 World Cup, they were one of the first LCK teams to start making roster changes. Above all, Liiv SANDBOX has already signed former T1 centerline substitute Lee "Clozer" Ju-hyeon.

Liiv SANDBOX posted mediocre results in the 2021 LCK season. In the spring split, the team posted a disappointing eighth place. Although Liiv SANDBOX made the playoffs in the summer split, they were quickly swept by T1 and defeated by eventual World Cup quarter-finalist Hanwha Life in the regional playoffs.

With a younger look on Clozer and Ice, Liiv SANDBOX looks forward to building on his fleeting success at LCK. With the five roles now established and signed for Liiv SANDBOX, jungler Kim "Croco" Dong-beom, and the support of Kim "Kael" Jin-hong, the team looks set for another year at LCK.

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