Riot hints at a possible new VALORANT map with another beach teaser

Riot hints at a possible new VALORANT map with another beach teaser
Screengrab via Riot Games

We hope you have packed your sunscreen.

Time to have fun in the sun.

Riot showed another teaser for VALORANT today and greeted the fans with a tropical beach photo in "Paradise". The photo is likely to be another clue for a new map called "Breeze."

The picture looks calm at first and shows a relaxing beach bed with a view of a bright sky and clear water. There also appears to be a vandal being thrown into a wicker basket. But on closer inspection, there appears to be a spilled wine glass and some strange marks in the sand, as if someone was in a rush or was forcibly taken.

The VALORANT Vietnam Facebook posted a video of the scene in which tropical music is compared with balls in the background. A translation of the caption says that Breeze is a "new card coming soon in VALORANT," possibly the first official endorsement.

The developers have already spread beach ads on existing maps, and some have the words "visit Breeze" written on them. And data miner Valorant Express found the tropical-themed loading music in the game files last month. Do you combine that with the numerous Easter eggs in the battle pass, like Lost at Sea? gamer card, and Cypher set against a beach backdrop in the dating simulator prank "Agents of Romance," and fans can probably look forward to an upcoming map set in a tropical paradise.

With only six days to complete the Episode Two, Act Two battle pass, fans need to find out if a new map is coming soon.

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