LunarKats explains why TSM removed her from Valorant's team

LunarKats explains why TSM removed her from Valorant's team
photo via LunarKats

Katherine "LunarKats" finally gave an explanation for her dismissal from TSM three days after the organization revealed its female Valorant list.

Valorant's pro gamer got going on Twitch and explained her side of her story. According to LunarKats, she was kicked out of the active lineup due to an old Snapchat video.

"There's a video of me from a Snapchat tirade I did in 2019 and I've said some really hurtful and insensitive things. I feel really bad. Everything I said was absolutely unforgivable. It was offensive," LunarKats said.

In 2019, Valorant's pro posted a Snapchat clip of her ranting about a fast-food worker. According to LunarKats, she said "offensive" things and realized it shortly after posting. She instantly removed the clip, but not quickly enough, as someone saved a copy of the clip and sent it to TSM, leading them to part ways with LunarKats.

The streamer apologized for said video and clarified that no insults were used in her clip. In a nearly 40-minute Twitch broadcast, Lunarkats cleared TSM of any wrongdoing and took responsibility for its actions. In addition, she denounced the comedy culture that drives content creators to release their frustration on camera and say hurtful things to other people.

TSM launches Lunarkats three days after signing

TSM recently joined the esports giants who set foot in Valorant's thriving female scene. The organization announced a female Valorant roster packed with former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professionals and Gen. G x Valorant proving ground finalists.

The newly created lineup enjoyed an explosive entry into Valorant Game Changers, but a last-minute announcement before a major game had piqued everyone's curiosity. TSM removed LunarKats the day before a match against Cloud9 White in an ambiguous Twitter post. The organization kept the statement brief and refrained from disclosing a reason behind the change of mind.

Without explanation, the community took it upon themselves to unearth the drama. Some chat screenshots from a Twitch streamer began to appear in which LunarKats allegedly intimidated and harassed other content creators. The posts quickly gained traction, leading people to believe that TSM removed LunarKats for inappropriate behavior on the Internet a year ago.

However, LunarKats' Twitch stream clarified that her Snapchat video was the cause of her firing from TSM.

Quickly after eliminating Lunarkats, TSM found a replacement in Arianarchist to play against Cloud9 White. Fans have been hounding the organization for unfair punishment against LunarKats. Many have compared his situation to that of Jay "sinatraa" Won, who was suspended following serious allegations of sexual abuse brought against him by his ex-girlfriend.

While it's hard to say whether LunarKat's firing is justified as the content of the Snapchat clip is unknown, the verdict has sparked an entirely new discussion in the community. Whatever the case, LunarKats will no longer play competitive Valorant for TSM.


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