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EVOS Esports, the leading esports organization in Southeast Asia, has been endorsed by Yamaha's "Generation 125" as an Official Sponsor. This new Generation 125 collaboration supports the younger generation in further developing the Indonesian esports industry.

Generation 125 is the nickname for Yamaha 125cc Matic motorcycle users consisting of the FreeGo, Fino, X-Ride, Mio series, and the latest product called GEAR 125 adapts the character of the current generation with design, technology, and the features that are 'Definitely Cool', 'Definitely uphill', 'Definitely strong', 'Definitely inexpensive' and 'Definitely reliable', which will make users 'Earn more' because they get more value in the same price range than a 110cc Matic motorcycle.

This is what keeps Generation 125 ahead because they are the younger generation who are passionate, dare to bring positive change, never give up, are ready to win at everything including esports tournaments.

Takeyama Hiroshi, deputy director of marketing for PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (PT YIMM) said: “The great enthusiasm of the younger generation in the esports industry is the motivating factor for the 125 generations in collaboration with EVOS Esports. in supporting the achievements of Indonesia's younger generation. Yamaha's 'Generation 125' product has now become the choice of the younger generations as a companion in their daily routine, so this collaboration is expected to further increase the enthusiasm and optimism of the younger generation of Indonesia to keep moving forward and moving forward. With EVOS Esports, we are going to GEAR, PLAY, and win more! "

Generation 125 as an official sponsor of EVOS Esports, marks a breath of fresh air for the esports industry, which is receiving a lot of support from various industries to develop the esports ecosystem in Indonesia.



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