Valorant is back with Night Market 2.0

Valorant is back with Night Market 2.0
Screengrab via Riot Games

The Valorant developer is back with another Night Market v 2.0, now available.

After patch 1.14, Valorant provided the community with its first night market which aims to provide weapons to the player base at reduced prices. Sometimes getting the mask packs from the store can be a much heavier job. The night market allows you to get Prime, Deluxe, or other grade weapons at a price slightly lower than the original. The night market will never offer you a discount on a complete package, but only individual masks from a package. You are blessed with a total of six weapon skin cards that are revealed once they are turned over.

The previous iteration of this new feature was heavily criticized for its algorithm, but with this revamped 2.0 edition, you have a chance to get at most two Prime Editions from the set of collections you don't have.

Once you flip your cards, you won't get more than two skins of the same weapon.

The only way to upgrade Weapon Skin Cards is by purchasing the currently available options. You have 12 more days left to redeem all six offers and as mentioned above, after every purchase, there is always a new offer waiting exclusively for you.



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