Riot hints at new controlling agent for VALORANT, changes to Viper and Yoru

Riot hints at new controlling agent for VALORANT, changes to Viper and Yoru
Image via Riot Games

The controller category is changing.

Riot Games teased a new "brain-galaxy" controller today that is coming to VALORANT in the near future.

In the February issue of "State of the Agents," character producer John Gosicki dropped some hints about the next controlling agent. He said the next agent is a "cosmic change from the game patterns you have become accustomed to."

"This is for all the 'galaxy brains' gamers who like to study everything that happens on a map," Gosicki said.

As Goscicki noted, none of the new Operators that have been unveiled have been too disruptive when it comes to typical gameplay. There is no indication of what the abilities of this new agent might be, but the use of the terms "cosmic" and "galactic brain" perhaps indicates an outer space or extraterrestrial inspiration for them.

This "cosmic" controller will be the first new agent added to that role, joining Brimstone, Omen, and Viper. Omen has been an overwhelmingly popular pick in casual, ranked, and professional gaming in North America and Europe. Both Brimstone and Viper have been relegated to being niche picks for certain maps, but Viper should see some changes soon.

In the post, Gosicki said that while changes to Viper's issues are coming, they won't be in the next patch. He said the team needs more time to define its fit.

Additionally, Gosicki said the team is not satisfied with the level of success that Yoru's toolbox has had during its first weeks at VALORANT. They will be looking for some advantages for him in the near future.



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