When does episode 2 of VALORANT, act 1 end?

When does episode 2 of VALORANT, act 1 end?

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Make sure you don't run out of time with this law.

VALORANT Episode Two, Act One introduces the new Agent Yoru and a new Battle Pass for players to enjoy. However, the Law will not exist forever, so fans should enjoy the limited time they have to enjoy all it has to offer.

Episode two, act one begins on January 12 and ends on March 1. This gives players just over two months to make the battle pass and experiment with the new agent before the act ends. The end date is important to remember for players planning to complete the entire Battle Pass.

Episode One, Act III featured a similar battle pass with dozens of levels for players to unlock. Act III was three weeks longer than the previous Act, and Episode Two, Act One will return to the original duration. This is an important distinction as it gives players less time to complete the Battle Pass of this law.

The Act 1 Battle Pass includes 12 weapon skins, a melee skin, and various other cosmetic items. Players can unlock exclusive Gun Buddies, player cards, titles, and more by playing consistently throughout the season.

Players can also measure their rank progress throughout the season. Knowing when the season ends can keep goals on track. The end of the season also marks a fresh start for players who may have had a difficult season on the leaderboard.

VALORANT players will have approximately two months to enjoy Act 1 and complete the Battle Pass. Make sure to play consistently if you plan to complete the entire Battle Pass.


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