Valorant leak reveals Agent 14's (Yoru) name and abilities

Valorant leak reveals Agent 14's (Yoru) name and abilities
image via Riot Games

Valorant's new character 'Agent 14', currently codenamed "Stealth" in the game code, has lost his abilities, including a particularly insane pre-eminent ability that makes her "invisible" and "invulnerable". ”When activated.

The Valorant fandom has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next title agent, only known as "14" for now, and now a big new leak has revealed some important details, including the four abilities and a possible name.

The leak, first shared on Reddit on January 2, shows just over two minutes of the upcoming Episode 2 agent using his abilities in Valorant's training lobby. The skills are mainly based on deception, and one is a "lightning" attack.

The leak also appears to reveal Agent 14's official name: "Yoru".

Valorant leak reveals Agent 14's (Yoru) name and abilities
image via Riot Games

At the end of the clip, the new agent - "Yoru" ⁠ - can be seen opening a crack in the room. Then he grabs a Hannya mask and enters another dimension. According to the details of the skills translated, this makes Ultimate 14 Agent 14 "invisible" and may even make them "invulnerable" to attack. This can work in a similar way to Wraith's "Into the Void" tactic in Apex Legends.

Here are the in-game descriptions of each of Agent 14's leaked abilities, including the "invisible" ultimate, translated by / u / kuroi_kaze on Reddit:

All leaked ‘Agent 14’ abilities

  • Z ⁠— Creates a footstep sound. Hit "Fire" to send it in advance, or pre-place it with "Alt-Fire", then press "F" to send the idle in advance.
  • X ⁠— Flash. Press "Fire" to launch it, it will jump after contact with the surface.
  • C ⁠— Press the ability button to place the Portal, press "Fire" to send the Portal forward, anchor the Portal with "Alt-Fire". Press active to teleport through the Portal.
  • Q (Ultimate) ⁠: press "Fire" to become invisible to enemies and invulnerable.

Are the new Valorant leaks real?

While there hasn't been any official confirmation regarding the leaks ⁠, don't expect there to be either ⁠, the new images line up with older reveals we've seen before.

Late last year, Riot posted a short video on @VALORANTBrazil that appeared to take a sneak peek at Agent 14. In-game material featured an unfamiliar face on the selected screen alongside Sage, Brimstone, Raze, and Reyna.

The image of the little character showed a mysterious man with spiky blue hair and a jacket. While no one recognized Valorant's new character at the time, he fits in perfectly with this new agent "Yoru" from this week's Russian Leaks.

Riot's latest joke also said Agent 14 would "open" Episode 2. Yoru seems to control portals and crack open with his Ult, so the leak certainly fits the bill.

Valorant leak reveals Agent 14's (Yoru) name and abilities
image via Riot Games

Valorant's 14th Agent will be released as part of Act 1 Episode 2. The next major update will be released on Jan 12, 2021. Riot Games is expected to officially introduce the new Agent a few days before the game's first event of 2021.

Stick to @ValorantUpdates for the latest news on Yoru and Episode 2.


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