Valorant Agent Yoru's New Character Select Animation Leaked

Valorant Agent Yoru's New Character Select Animation Leaked
image via Riot Games

Schauen Sie sich die Charakterauswahlanimation von Agent 14 an.

There are only a few days left before the release of Valorant's highly anticipated agent Yoru, but it looks like we can already get a first look at the agent's character select animation as it leaked on Twitter today.

As you may already know from multiple previous leaks, the new agent codenamed 'Stealth' will have an ideal skill set to fool opponents while making stealth plays to confuse them. The story and the story behind the agent have also been leaked before.

This time, it's the agent's character select animation that was leaked on Twitter. However, since we already know what the agent looks like or how his skin works, there isn't much of a surprise waiting for us in the newly leaked animation.

Here's the video leaked by Twitter user "exe" showing Yoru's character select animation. The video caught the attention of Valorant players around the world within hours of its posting.


Any character select animation runs when a player clicks on that character's icon on the character select screen before the game begins. The 7-second clip shows Yoru entering the frame before the camera moves to reveal her with her mask, which is then removed to reveal her face.


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