Unlock Hanzo's newest skin in Overwatch's Kanezaka Challenge

Unlock Hanzo's newest skin in Overwatch's Kanezaka Challenge
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With nine wins, players can unlock an exclusive epic skin.

From January 12th to January 25th, Overwatch players can earn a new skin for Sniper Hanzo by simply winning games.

Inspired by the newest map in the game, the Kanezaka Challenge gives players the opportunity to earn an epic skin, as well as player icons and multiple sprays. Twitch integration is also included, and fans can unlock sprays by watching Overwatch streamers.

The Kanezaka Challenge introduces Kyogisha Hanzo, an epic new skin for the speedy archer. This mask resembles Hanzo's usual battle outfit with a few major changes. His bow, boots, and quiver have a green glow reminiscent of his brother Genji's cybernetic attachments.

Most importantly, Hanzo is now sporting a cool pair of orange sunglasses. They likely have some target acquisition properties, but we like to think that he only uses them for cosmetic reasons.

During the two-week challenge, players will be able to unlock Kyogisha Hanzo's skin by collecting nine wins in each Overwatch mode, including competitive mode, arcade, and a quick play. With three wins, players will earn the Pagoda Player Icon. Six wins will earn players the Yōkai Spray, which references the Kanezaka lore released on January 11.

Additionally, players can unlock up to three new aerosols by viewing any Twitch streamer in the Overwatch category. A spray is unlocked every two hours, up to a total of six hours. These hours do not have to be contiguous and can be accumulated during the execution of the event.

Unlike the annual event skins, the challenge skins have so far only been available during their initial run, so be sure to unlock the Kyogisha Hanzo skin before the end date of January 25.


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