Omen Smoke New Bug Discover VALORANT Players

Omen Smoke New Bug Discover VALORANT Players
Image via Riot Games

This bug makes Omen even better.

Omen is one of the best agents in VALORANT and has a versatile skill set that is effective in various situations. A new bug related to Omen smoke allows players to see the sites, making it stronger than intended.

Recently, a player entered Site A in Haven and tried to smoke heaven for his team. When they activated the smoke from him, his character also teleported through the wall and they were able to see the defenders on-site without issue.

Omen noclip glitch with smoke from r/VALORANT

Typically, players can only see smoke and a dark environment while the ability is active, preventing it from being overpowered and providing more information than desired. The player is still technically in the place where he activated the ability, but the error offers an unfair advantage for Omen's team.

Other players also confirmed that they have experienced the glitch. Some claim that it happens when they have a high ping. It is not clear if the failure can be replicated consistently or if it is strictly a problem that occurs with a bad connection.

Players have found multiple Omen-related glitches over the past few weeks. Omen could teleport off the map in Bind and could plant the spik in the air in Icebox. Some of these bugs have been fixed, but players are constantly finding new vulnerabilities for the agent.

Omen recently received a slight nerf that increased the deployment time of his smoke and the cost of his Paranoia ability. This should help balance his performance and increase the Brimstone and Viper pick rate. But this mistake could keep you in the limelight for a little longer.


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