Omen can plant the beak in the air at Icebox in VALORANT

Omen can plant the beak in the air at Icebox in VALORANT

Image via Riot Games

This is likely to be removed in a future update.

Combining skills in VALORANT can lead to unique and exciting situations. One player recently found out that Omen can place the spike on top of Sage's wall at Icebox Site B, and the bomb will remain in the air after the wall is destroyed.

Players can stand on Sage's wall as it unfolds, or they can teleport to it with Omen's Shrouded Step ability. Once they are in a specific location on top of the wall, they can teleport between the crates at Site B and Sage's wall.

If done correctly, the spike can be planted and remain in the air once the sage wall is destroyed. Defending players will not be able to defuse the bomb as it is unreachable and the attacking team can hide without problems.

This strategy is difficult to perform as it requires two skills and Omen to position himself in a specific place. Site B in Icebox also has multiple entrances, and players can easily kill Omen while planting. But if the attackers manage to plant in this spot, it almost guarantees a free round.

VALORANT players have found several useful ways to use Omen's abilities in recent days. One player discovered a location where Omen can teleport to a wall in Split, and another explained how to simulate a disable with the Shrouded Step ability.

This spot will likely be removed in a future update, as it provides an unfair advantage for the attacking team. Players should consider choosing Sage on Icebox for now if they need to counter this tactic.


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