Cypher's Chamber Can Instantly Break Sage's Wall In VALORANT

Cypher's Chamber Can Instantly Break Sage's Wall In VALORANT
image via Riot Games

Sage players must be careful when playing against Cypher.

VALORANT players have found a way to instantly break through Sage's wall using Cypher's camera. The technology works as long as the camera is right next to a real wall and can help players break through the barrier immediately.

The Philosopher's Wall is a powerful skill that teams can use to prevent enemies from moving through an area or stop their advance. The wall can be broken after taking multiple shots, but it can help buy a few seconds to prepare. However, players can use Cypher's camera to instantly break the wall when placed right next to another wall.

GAMEBREAKING CYPHER BUG (Tested before update) from r/VALORANT

To break through Sage's wall, Cypher must place his camera on his wall and directly against a real wall. This immediately breaks the part of the wall that the chamber is on and allows players to bypass the barrier.

Other agent abilities, such as Raze's portfolio charges, can help break through the wall quickly, but Cypher's gear isn't designed for this purpose.

This is likely a mistake as it makes it easy for players to destroy the obstacle with little effort. The player encountered the bug before patch 2.0 went live today and the patch notes did not mention the removal of this exploit. Some players claim to have been using the bug for weeks and the bigger bugs probably overshadowed it.

Riot Games is constantly releasing updates to fix problems or issues in VALORANT, so this bug can be fixed soon.


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