CSGO pro fnx accused of leaking Twitch streamer's private video without consent

CSGO pro fnx accused of leaking Twitch streamer's private video without consent
ESL / Instagram: renataschozen

Professional CS: GO gamer Lincoln ‘fnx’ Lau has been accused by Twitch streamer and esports host Renata ‘Elfa’ Schozen of sharing private videos of them together without his permission. He allegedly shared them on a WhatsApp group.

On January 5, Schozen explained that she and fnx had started a physical relationship in 2019. During the relationship, fnx recorded an intimate video of them together, which Schozen alleges that she later sent to a WhatsApp group without her consent.

Schozen explains that he was informed of the incident by three different people, explaining that regardless of whether the video was made with consent, public distribution was not.

Along with a screenshot of the video in question, the streamer shared a conversation with fnx through Instagram.

"I am not afraid, I have countless witnesses to prove what I say," Schozen said in a follow-up tweet. "I may even delete the video and retaliate in some way, but this will not be in vain, I want justice for myself and everyone else, I know I am not alone."

Schozen also posted a video, which sounds like fnx talking. In the video he says (via translation): “A girl sent me a message saying that one of you, I'm not sure if it was the guys from CS or Titan, who was in the group, she can't remember if I sent her something. … Saying that one of you sent a video of me having sex with a girl. I'm meeting her this week and she'll tell me who did it. I'm asking you to tell the truth about what happened, otherwise things will get worse later. "

Schozen is also a lawyer and has said "I have a copy of the video, I have more than one witness to prove it"; I am a lawyer and I know the consequences of false information in a judicial process ”.

Fnx currently plays for Imperial Esports. He has previously represented MiBR, Immortals, SK Gaming, and Luminosity. He also had a brief stint at 100 Thieves, before the organization temporarily left CS: GO.

The allegations follow a series of other allegations on the Brazilian esports scene, also related to League of Legends and Rainbow 6 players.

Brazilian CS: GO broadcaster Gaules said of the controversy: “I wanted to tell the victims that you should not justify anything and that you should not feel guilty or wrong about something that happened! To the abusers [I hope] justice is served! I hope that one-day women can feel safe! "

In 2020, esports had a large-scale "Me Too" movement that lasted for several months as community members submitted stories of abuse.


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