What's the Valorant Night Market? Skin discounts, rotation, and more

What's the Valorant Night Market? Skin discounts, rotation, and more

image via Riot Games

Riot Games introduce the night. Market to Valorant is offering players an attractive discount on some of the premium skins that have been released in the game so far. Here is everything you need to know when the discount shop opens.

With the quick updates that Riot rolled out to Valorant, community feedback has become a real feature for tactical shooters. With that in mind, the studio has also implemented things that have worked with league players in the past.

Every now and then the League of Legends community with their personal store called "Your Shop" is treated to similar discounts based on the champions you own.

However, since Valorant only has skins that adorn the weapons everyone has access to, the concept changes slightly but remains largely the same.

Discounts in the Night.Market

Discounts in the Night.Market
image via Riot Games

There are going to be some huge discounts up for grabs in Valorant.

All over the night. The market will be random. From the weapon skins you see to the discounts applied to them, it's up to the RNG gods to see if you can get any of the latest skin bundles.

“Agents and elites who frequent the market enjoy a discount at their own discretion. It's not uncommon to see guns with price drops of up to 50 percent. Just don't ask where they're coming from,” Riot said, admitting a bit of fun lore over the night. Market

With discounts of up to 50%, this means that someone can get the new Winter Wonderland Collection Phantom or Vandal for around 638 Valorant Points (VP) instead of 1275 VP or the Candy Cane Knife 1275 VP instead of 2550 VP.

Night.Market rotations and offers

However, you should lower your expectations. What is more realistic is that you will get some 20% or 40% deals that are not as high as half the discount but can still help add new variations to your collection.

Even if you don't get the right discount for the skin you want, that night. The market is still worth a visit as Riot "will be bringing selected gun skins back to the store at a discounted price".

Expect the night The market is slated to be a recurring offering for Valorant, and Riot said it will continue to improve the feature in 2021.

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