Ninja lashes out at his 17-year-old teammate Valorant for his poor performance

Ninja lashes out at his 17-year-old teammate Valorant for his poor performance
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The Twitch exploded on his team's Reyna when she accused him of "not trying hard enough" in the game.

The iconic Tyler "Ninja" Blevins video game streamer is known for being competitive by nature. This could be due to the fact that he was previously part of the professional scenes for multiple video game titles. However, this competitive nature of the 29-year-old Ninja led him to lash out at one of his teammates after they failed to live up to Ninja's expectations on Valorant.

The number one streamer on Twitch has recently targeted Valorant in an attempt to turn pro at Riot's tactical shooter. He has also managed to achieve a rank in the game of "Radiant", the highest rank in the competitive spectrum.

During a ranked Valorant game that Ninja streamed live on his Twitch channel a few days ago, Ninja's team was down 0-6 in the early rounds at Haven.

After his teammate "P0L0" wrote something in the in-game chat responding to the enemy team's text messages, Ninja broke out at him. "P0LO shut up," he said, "stop talking to the enemy team."

This, in turn, provoked a series of insults on the part of both parties.

"I don't give a damn who you are," he replied. "You're not going to tell me to shut up."

Ninja's response was quick to follow, "How about I tell you to shut your mouth and stop playing because you're a fucking horrible at it?"

The series of insults continued from both sides.

"How are you, Radiant bro? You're literally tearing Reyna apart, "Ninja continued.

However, in the latter stages of the game, the two managed to focus on the game and were able to make a kind of "comeback".

While they couldn't seal a win, they managed to close out the game 8-13, which is a pretty good result considering they were trailing 0-6 in the early stages of the match.

"You know how I stand when it comes to matchmaking games," Ninja told his viewers after the match ended. "If you're playing a competitive game and your excuse is 'chill, it's just classified,' you're just shit."


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