Here's what opponents saw when playing Forsaken's "Word.exe"

Years after "abandoned" former Indian CS:GO pro-Nikhil Kumawat was expelled for cheating, the prospects of his opponents while playing against him have surfaced online.

Here's what opponents saw when playing Forsaken's "Word.exe"
image via Nikhil Kumawat

Forsaken is without a doubt one of the most infamous names in Counter-Strike history. Just 4 months after being signed by the "OpTiC India" team, he was caught in a cheating scandal during the 2018 eXTREMESLAND Asia Finals. The full OpTiC India roster was released after the incident and the organization ceased operations in India.

Forsaken received a 5-year suspension from the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) for cheating during the tournament. His hacks, which were called "word.exe" on his PC, went viral on the internet after the news broke around the world.

YouTuber Avi Thour recently posted a compilation of opponents' views when playing Forsaken and their "word.exe" tricks.

We can see the players in the video shooting their heads almost instantly after engaging in a duel against Forsaken, sometimes even before seeing their player model. From the video, it's almost obvious how blatant Forsaken's cheating was.

Previously, we've seen OpTic Gaming owner Hector 'H3CZ' Rodríguez commenting on the Forsaken cheating scandal. "If we were in Mexico, I would approach him in a fucking different way in a situation like that," Rodriguez said in October.


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