ESPL brings Valorant Power Up tournament to Bangladesh(BD)

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The Esports Players League revealed a preview for an upcoming Valorant tournament in Bangladesh(BD).

The final dates for the tournament have not yet been set as Bangladeshi players prepare for the event.

The Esports Players League (ESPL) recently announced the Valorant Power Up tournament for players in Bangladesh.

In an exciting turn of events, ESPL's Valorant Power Up tournament is great news for players in Bangladesh. ESPL is a global online esports tournament and media portal where players can connect and interact.
The tweet from ESPL was further retweeted from Valorant's official accounts in India and South Asia. The announcement is an open challenge for all players from the region to show their "khomota" or skills on the big stage.

This will be the first official Valorant tournament hosted in Bangladesh with the permission of a Riot Games social media account.

Let's take a look at the details of the upcoming Valorant tournament for players in Bangladesh(BD).

Valorant Power Up in Bangladesh

To welcome Valorant players from Bangladesh to the global ESPL platform, the Esports Players League has released a teaser for the upcoming Valorant tournament in the region.
According to the information available at the time of writing, ESPL has announced that the tournament will be held exclusively in Bangladesh. Tournament dates have yet to be announced, as ESPL teased that Valorant's tournament will begin in "a few weeks".

This is not the first time that an official Valorant Twitter account has retweeted a region-specific tournament. The Jazba Cup for Pakistan, organized by Nodwin Gaming, was also teased and highlighted by Valorant's account for India and South Asia on Twitter.
However, the exact details for the upcoming tournament in Bangladesh have yet to be announced by the Esports Players League. In order to stay up to date on the upcoming tournament, Valorant players in Bangladesh are recommended to register on the ESPL online portal.


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