All callouts in VALORANT 2021

Get up to scratch with your callouts.

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Communication is key for any tactical shooter, & VALORANT is no exception.

The ability to get headshots is important, but knowing the pros and cons of each card in the game and communicating properly with your team is essential.

You don't have to be a headshot device if you know how to hit the upper ground, spin, and outmaneuver your opponents. If you don't know your letterings and can't recite them right off the bat, you are simply wasting your potential.

Here you will find all information in VALORANT.


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Ascent is similar to De_Dust 2 from Counter-Strike. It has a simple layout with a center part, an A and a B bomb. But what makes it stand out are its choke points and niches. Some pointers to consider are the lobby for Catwalk, A, and B. It's a defense-intensive map that needs to be coordinated by both sides.


The attackers have several options when it comes to binding. Some of the most common labels and bottlenecks on the map are Shisha, a room full of hanging water pipes that lead to the B-bomb, and Showers, a bathroom area towards A.

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Haven is a three-bomb map with many options to attack and defend. There are two particularly important labels in the middle of the map. There are T Mid Doors leading to the garage and C-Bomb, and Mid Courtyard just in front of B. There are also Mid Windows around this area which is a commonplace for attackers and B Box where the defenders are lurk

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Icebox, VALORANT's newest map, features two bomb locations and horizontal zip lines. It's a great snowy map with a unique direction. There are tight corners and chokes, long lines of sight, and numerous elevated positions. It's the perfect card for aviation agents like Jett, Omen, and Raze that rewards adaptive play and quick aiming.


Split is another defensive side card with little to no margin for error for the attacking side. B and A main are two of the most important labels on the map as the attackers prioritize these areas. If the attackers can successfully break through B or A main, planting the bomb is guaranteed.

Defenders often sit on B-rafters, also known as sky, or on the back of A. However, there are many options, with defenders having a choice of throwing.

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This article will be updated as more cards are introduced into VALORANT.


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