A complete guide to counter strafing in VALORANT 2021

"Left foot up, right foot slide."VALORANT

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Shooting games can look simple to the eye, but each member of the genre has unique mechanics that increase the cap on a game's overall skill set. VALORANT is no exception, and the game has features that CS: GO players are already familiar with.

Counter strafing is one of the best ways to use VALORANT's accuracy on the first shot to your advantage. First shot accuracy refers to the fact that your first bullet will always land where you aim when standing still. These mechanics existed in CS: GO too, and you can basically get 100 percent accurate shots in a row if you can master them.

Once you first find out about this, the mechanic may sound useless as you become an easier target as in theory you would stop moving. This is where strafing comes in.

Imagine a scenario where you press "D" to move right and press "A" to move left. It looks like your character is moving in the opposite direction with no loss of speed, but it actually stops for a brief moment. Counter strafing refers to the action of using those little breakpoints to land precise shots, and it's one of the more natural tricks after you get used to it.

How to get used to the counterattack in VALORANT?

If you've never played CS: GO or a game with a counterattack mechanic, you'll need to familiarize yourself with counterattack before moving on to the next level.

Charge into the practice range and grab an automatic weapon. Move briefly in one direction, stop, and shoot. You will quickly notice the accuracy of your bullet.

To understand the basics, do an exercise by moving left and right, but stop by not pressing any movement keys before heading in the opposite direction. Don't take too long to shoot and try to do it as fast as you can. You can try to aim for the same spot during this practice to train your aim for counter strafing.

After grasping the basics, you’ll need to practice reducing the time interval your standstill. The easiest way to do this is by pressing the opposite movement key as soon as you want to change direction. Your character will move a little slower at first, and that should be your tail. Shoot just as your character changes direction and keep shooting while trying to shoot in the same spot.

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You can also try to focus on just one page to ease your workload at first. Only focus on the shooting when counter-steering from the left or right to control the timing. The better you get, the easier it is to convert it the other way.

Do not try to spray while counter-tightening as 100 percent accuracy only applies to the first ball. This second step is also known as "ADAD counter-tightening" and is one of the best ways to peek corners in VALORANT.

While "ADAD Counter strafing" is one of the most common ways to perform this trick, it is not the only way. You cannot always move perfectly left and right in a VALORANT, and counter-tightening can also be done while moving in the same direction.

Basically, you have to send the movement key of your choice as spam with small intervals in between. Instead of counteracting your punishment with the movement key in the opposite direction, stop for a short movement and continue moving along the same path by removing your finger from the movement key binding you are using.

Once you've mastered one-way counter-strafing, you can spice things up by mixing all of the directions together. You can carry out the classic "ADAD" conflict and, depending on the situation, initiate a one-sided counter-fight. You can use this to your advantage during prolonged shootouts or when you are always on the move and looking at different corners at different angles.

How to learn counter strafing quicker in VALORANT?

Although most professional players disable motion errors, a crosshair setting is highly recommended for beginners and players learning weapon behavior.

The motion error option allows your crosshairs to expand while moving and narrow when stationary. You will know that once your crosshair is set you have activated first shot accuracy. This is of great help when you first start practicing counter-tightening.

How can you shoot faster while counter strafing in VALORANT?

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Counter-punishing requires players to tap their shoot button once as the accuracy of the first shot does not work when spraying. This means that your rate of fire depends a lot on how quickly you can punish.

If you peek into a corner and hide deeply, you won't be able to shoot quickly. However, if you find yourself in a one-on-one situation, you can go against the penalty with minimal intervals to increase your rate of fire to impressive levels. This takes a lot of practice as a single misaligned shot will cause you to lose your rhythm.

You'll need to spam your movement buttons so that your character barely looks like they're moving, but you should still be able to feel the movement, and the movement error crosshair indicator should give you an idea of ​​when to shoot.

While it's one of the most advanced shooting tricks in the game, counter-punishing isn't the only way to increase your accuracy. Crouching or walking, usually with the Shift key, will also stabilize your target and reduce the rate of spread of your weapon. These methods aren't as accurate as counter-punishment, but they're certainly more common in the game.

Counter-punishing also works when walking and crouching, but the movement methods reduce your speed significantly. You can keep using it to get your first shot as accurate as possible and count on the bullet spray reduction that these movement methods introduce for the rest of your shots.


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