Top 10 best NFT Games to Play and Earn Cryptocurrencies.

image via thefintechtimes  We are all aware of the growing popularity of the best NFT games, right? Anything related to the opportunity to make money never falls outside the category of "next big thing". The same goes for the best NFT games. Gamers are crazy about these exciting…

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Watch TheShy on Graves take on Rich's Akshan in a thrilling 1v1

What a dirty fight. After competing as teammates at Invictus Gaming and winning the 2018 World Championship together, Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok faced Song "Rookie" Eui-jin for the first time in four years. With Weibo Gaming this se…

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Axie Esports Grant 2022 opens for submissions

Sky Mavis continues its support of Axie Esports with the 2022 award of the 'Axie Esports Grant'. This year's grant involves the allocation of 7,500 AXS between prize pools and expenses from over 75 community-run tournaments, surpassing l…

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Axie Infinity launches a "release" mechanism to thin the herd

Play-to-earn master Axie Infinity has launched a new developer program, bringing together a set of development tools and insights to help developers in the community, supporting his belief that the future of the platform lies in community cooperati…

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VR Real Estate Ecosystem 'Dvision' Launches Second LAND NFT Sale

Virtual reality content ecosystem Dvision Network is launching its second LAND sale. The sale is the second installment of a 10-part LAND sale initiative mapped out by the network. The LAND sale is scheduled to launch on January 27 at 8:00 p.m. KST…

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Revomon Releases Great New Burn-to-Earn Feature

Open-world monster battle arena Revomon has introduced a great new "Save to Win" mechanic to its platform. In the future, players can earn rewards for getting rid of their unwanted digital pets. Towards the end of January, the exclusive Po…

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Mechanism Capital Allocates $100M Fund for Play-to-Earn Games

Mechanism Capital is betting on play-to-earn games this 2022! Credit: Coin News Mechanism Capital is ready to take on 2022 with the launch of its new $100 million fund for Play-to-Earn game titles. This move is a natural progression because the cryp…

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SAND Airdrop for Sandbox Land Owners

Following on from its recent addition of SAND participation on the Polygon network, The Sandbox announced an upcoming airdrop of SAND on Polygon to all landowners. The amount of SAND received depends on how much land is owned, what sale the land is …

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Release your Axie for fun and profit

If you love something, set it free! At least that's what the old adage suggests. In Axie Infinity, granting freedom to your Axies could also be lucrative! Axie has just opened its launch feature, a way to burn Axies and receive special limited-t…

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Sign up for a chance to be in Illuvium Beta Free

After postponing the initial Beta release last August, Illuvium is now ready to accept beta testers for the first stage of their game, the autobattler. The Private Beta will focus on Survival Mode, PvE and will not feature PvP battles. How to sign u…

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Race, Breed, Rent, and Earn: Pegaxy Video Review

Pegaxy, the mechanical horse racing game, has been out for a couple of months now and it seems that the game is still growing steadily and even holding its own in these uncertain market times. Check out our first video review on the new Play To Earn…

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